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Carpet Decals

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Carpet Decals / Carpet Stickers / Floor Graphics are a great alternative to logo rugs and logo mats. They enable you to brand your special event entrance at a fraction of the cost.

Custom vinyl adhesive is printed in full color HD and can easily be applied to your runner carpet like a giant sticker! We DO NOT install/apply these for you, as they would damage / crease / wrinkle in transit.

These stickers are designed for short-term use - they are NOT designed to be reusable. Depending on how long the sticker is applied and the number of attendees walking on it will determine how easy it is to remove. Peeling the sticker off with care will prevent damage to your rug - please take your time! 

The maximum material width for custom decals is 50 inches. Carpet decals can be split with a .4 inch overlay to create larger images, billboards, and murals. A spliced image across multiple files will be required. Please contact us if you require file setup help!

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The Floor is Valuable for Advertising

You may have never considered floor graphics or carpet graphics before. However, the ground is quickly becoming the most valuable advertising real-estate!! Why? Take a scan around you and look at what people are doing. Everyone has their head down while walking because they are texting, working on e-mails, sharing photos, browsing social media, etc. A vibrant advertisement, logo, way-finding arrow, or special offer on the ground will catch people's attention far better than any billboard or sign because nobody is looking up anymore! Floor graphics are the NEW billboards because they are aligned with people's focal point / field of vision.

Floor graphics are affordable, can easily be installed and removed, and are "no slip" / completely safe to walk on!

If you are considering a logo rug or logo mat we highly suggest reading about the production differences here:

Decal Artwork Submissions

Please submit all artwork at actual / true size / 100% scale based on the size you order. Please utilize a .25" safe zone on all sides of your artwork layout to prevent important text, graphics, or imagery from being truncated.  If you need help, just ask!

Production Timeline

We print all carpet decals and floor graphics within (24) hours of your paid order. 

Shipping Timeline

We ship all decals OVERNIGHT for FREE anywhere in the Domestic USA.